Wonderfully Knitted Together

When was the last time you’ve thanked a friend because you might have missed a flight if not because of him, you might have missed a meal if not because of her, and you might have forgotten a deadline if not because of your friend’s concern? When was the last time you’ve sincerely thanked someone because of what little or big he has done for you? Working in a seminary is unlike any other workplaces in the world. Because in here, God has all the opportunity to knit us together to create a wonderful whole.

20819747_1407452719375378_1689034703905187690_o          Ebenezer has been a home to everyone who decided to come and follow His call to serve Him in the academe. More than the faith walk of the students, the teaching staff

both in the college and in the ES department has had a one big leap of faith as they step foot on Ebenezer grounds. If asked why Ebenezer of all places, more than the beautiful scenery, they’ll simply say ‘because this is what God wants for me’; it’s all about obedience.

On August 5, 2017,  the Ebenezer faculty and staff had a retreat under the acacia trees fronting the Fraser Hall. There neither was grand preparations nor exaggerated decorations. There simply was a good day to play!

Looking back, I have proven that in every man or woman’s heart is a playful child. Let me share with you three things I observed whilst playing as well as for a moment saw everyone, a child.

1. All work and no play makes anyone dull, is true. It was for the first time in my stay as an employee that I saw the wacky side of everyone. The sun was up but not scorching, so we got to play. Realizing that these people are professionals and some others are in important positions made me smile; it warmed my heart. All the activities have been gladly participated. The day had been but mundane because some more of us became five-year-olds in a very funny way. It was amusing. We weren’t at work, we played!

a          2. Different personalities with one goal. There were more than 50 of us who were there with our comfortable attires. The office of the president down to the maintenance men were well represented. We wore more than the brand of our clothes (the brand doesn’t really matter); we wore smiles that’s more than a price tag. The goal was to ENJOY! Was it fulfilled? Of course, YES! We simply are people from different backgrounds, job descriptions, different in ideas and opinions but we belong to ONE family of GOD wonderfully knitted together for His purposes.

3. Form a team, then build a kingdom. I remember the account of Nehemiah rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem. He, a man in position and influence gathered a group of ordinary people for such a great project, a kingdom! Well, the kind of walls built announces what kind of a kingdom there is behind it. Likewise, the Ebenezer faculty and staff makes up the wall of this school representing what kind of “kingdom” there is in here. I’d like to say that these “walls” are fortified by GOD, founded in His purposes and sealed with each one’s commitment.

As you might have observed by now, I’ve been putting an emphasis on this, “wonderfully knitted together,” three words that I find challenging as well as exciting. We are wonderfully knitted together by God, all for His glory. We aren’t flaw-less. We do things differently. We are different from one another in all sense of the word but there is one thing that has kept us one in a long time—it is the purposes of God’s heart towards Ebenezer and towards the students that He has entrusted it to train and equip for the ministry that awaits them. Different, but in God we are made a wonderful whole. Soli de Gloria!

By M.J